The Carrots Production Business Plan

The Carrot Production Business Plan by Patrick Carpen

Mission Statement: To be the biggest producer and marketer of organically grown carrots and other similar products in Guyana.

Vision Statement: In five years I envision that our production area would be multiplied by five, our assets would be multiplied by five and our human resources would be enjoy increased salaries and benefits.

Background: The availability of rich, fertile river sand, rice mill ash and cow manure makes a healthy soil combination on which carrots and other crops would thrive. A sample bed is in process and pictures will be uploaded soon. The high demand for carrots in the Rupununi, as well as neighboring Brazilian cities of Bom Fim and Normandia, combined with the total absence of carrot production in the region make carrot production the ideal venture. On that of that, markets are available in Georgetown for export purposes.

Finance: We are attracting investors on an “invite-only” basis to buy shares of the business. One share costs 1000 USD and entitles you to 1% of the net profit of the business per year.* The estimated net profit of the business per year is 100,000 USD, so one share is estimated to produce 1000 USD per share, each year.

Criteria for investors: In order to be able to invest in this project, you must have received a personal invitation from a person who was already accepted for investment or the coordinator of the project, Patrick Carpen. As a rule we are currently only inviting investment money from working professionals.

Before investing, please be sure to read our terms and conditions and disclaimer.

Cost of Land (100 acres): Approximately 20,000 USD

Cost of Land Preparation, including preparation of beds and purchasing and transportation of soil elements: 40,000 USD

Cost of Employment Per Crop: 20,000 USD

Miscellaneous expenses: 20,000 USD


Number of Employees: Less than 10

Training: Minimal

Payment for Coordinator: 500 USD per month

Payment for Supervisor : 500 USD per month

Payment For All Other Workers: 500 USD per month

Pension/Insurance: 2% deducted from salary.



* The net profit in this sense is the money left after deducting all expenses including payment for the coordinator and 5% of the then net profit for expansion and maintenance funds.

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