Natural Resources

A “natural resource” is something which exists in the world without having been created by humans. As the word suggests, natural resources exist “naturally”.

A good entrepreneur knows how to keep a wide eye open for natural resources which could be harnessed to help create a much needed product which can be sold to a hungry and even desperate market. A good entrepreneur doesn’t have to always be a scientist, he or she just needs a good dose of common sense.

But before considering using any natural resource, one should take many factors into consideration, such as:

1. Is exploiting the natural resource for this purpose sustainable?

2. Is exploiting the natural resource for this purpose legal or supported by the government?

3. Would exploiting the natural resource of a particular environment cause disastrous upheaval of the environment?

4. Would exploiting the natural resource for the purpose in mind create a positive impact in the lives of the people both in and out of the environment?

Once you have satisfied yourself that you are in “fair use” of the natural resource, you may go ahead and seek the necessary machinery, equipment and skills needed to turn the resource(s) into a profitable business.

Below is a list of natural resources which may come in useful for business and industrial purposes.

1. The Wind.

2. The Sun.

3. Sea Water.

4. Grass.

5. Lemons.

6. Mangoes.

7. Cherries.

8. Coconuts.

9. Coconut Branches.

10. Red Sand.

11. White Sand.

12. Clay.

13. Cane Thrash.

14. Cow Manure.

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