The Apartment and Housing Project

Last updated: July 1, 2017 at 12:58 pm

apartment photoThe apartment and housing project is one of the largest, worldwide endeavors by Patrick Carpen and may prove more fruitful and lucrative than manufacturing and trade.

While many people take pleasure in intricately constructing their own home, the fact remains that the vast majority of people prefer to move from place to place, or do not want to anchor themselves permanently anywhere. Hence they prefer to rent. And herein lies the merits of the Apartment and Housing Project by Patrick Carpen.

The aim is to build apartments and houses for monthly rentals in almost every city or region of every country in the world. Each apartment or house will come fully self-contained and equipped with clear energy systems and water purification systems. Actually, the water purification will go through a triple or quadruple filtration system that will render it absolutely free of impurities. This will be talked about later.

Houses or apartments will come equipped with solar or wind energy or a combination of both, as well as other clean energy generation mechanisms.

This project will see millions of apartments and houses built by PC Enterprises over the next few years.

Estimated Cost: 1000 Billion USD

Project Status: In progress

Investment Opportunity: Please contact Patrick Carpen for more details if you wish to invest in this project.

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