The Supermarket Project

To the consumer, a retail shop or supermarket is just a convenient place to pick up some household goods, or some personal consumer items. To the stay-at-home mom or housewife with no other skills, a retail shop may be simply a source of income. To the businessman, a retail shop or supermarket may be just another way to make money. To the distributor, the retail shop or supermarket is a pivotal “point of purchase”: the very backbone of their business.

In reality, from whatever perspective you look at it, the truth is: retail shops and supermarkets, ideally located and well stocked, are the most powerful money makers ever. Not only that, they bridge the gap between manufacturers, producers and product creators to produce a current of commerce and activity that reeks with both convenience and profits.

Imagine what all those hardworking factory workers would do without retail shops to output their products. Imagine what all those farmers would do without supermarkets to display and sell their products. And imagine how consumers would pull their hair in despair if there weren’t enough supermarkets or retail shops in their locality….

And this brings us to “the power of location”. There needs to just the right amount of supermarkets in the vicinity. Too much and they will be scraping for customers, too little and some consumers would walk to an inconvenient distance just to buy something. Of course, competition is healthy and encouraged. If there is just one supermarket controlling all the market share in a vicinity, it would have a “virtual monopoly” which endows it with power to take advantage of consumers in the form of overcharging, not stocking the right products or enough of them, being rude to customers, and the list goes on. For these reasons, competition is always viewed as healthy, but not too much of it. There must be an alternative supermarket to buy from within proximity.

And this brings us to “scattering” supermarkets about in the right proportions. If we flew above the earth and looked at the location of supermarkets represented by dots on the globe, we must see a desirable pattern. The amount and distribution of dots per thousand consumers must be a “healthy and viable” one.

Location is everything, and timing is everything. Continental Marketing Agency is presently embarking in opening up supermarkets in desirable locations in all parts of the civilized world. If you think you area is deserving of a supermarket or mini supermarket, whether for convenience or competition, please contact us.

To invest in the supermarket project, please contact me.

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