The Bonfim Mini Supermarket Project

While I was coming back from Brazil, I stayed a while between the bordering towns of Lethem (Guyana) and Bonfim (Brazil). There I engaged in some buying and selling businesses between the bigger supermarkets and the smaller shops.

There are quite a few thriving mini supermarkets in Bonfim, but, like all of Brazil, the city of Bonfim is rapidly developing. I saw the pressing need for a mini supermarket in some localities which are in dire need of such, and I decided to, as they say in English “jump to it”.

The locality of the supermarket has already been decided and the cost of the land is approximately 10,000 RS.

The dimensions and design of the building has already been decided.

Goods will be imported from the neighboring town of Boa Vista  and also from Manaus if necessary. Transporting is cheaply and readily available for moving goods from the source to the supermarket.

It will require less than five staff to completely operate the supermarket.

A point-of-sale software and computerized accounting system is yet to be implemented. A company in Brazil will be contacted for a quotation once the supermarket project is underway.

Estimated electricity cost is yet to be determined; but will be as soon as the project planning moves to the second stage.

About five freezers and five fridges will be required for the storage of meats and the display of beverages.

The supermarket will be designed and furnished to meet every need of the average consumer.

To invest in the Bonfim supermarket project, please contact Patrick Carpen.

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