Lemon Resources in Mato Grosso

The City With The Abundant Lemon Resources

I spent three months in the state of Mato Grosso, in the city of Rondonopolis in the country of Brazil. I must admit that I did have a great time, in spite of a few shortcomings I noticed about the city.

My friend George Ribeiro has a farm there, and on the weekends, I would go with his parents to help them on the farm. I must say that I wasn’t that impressed with the way they used the available technology to create irrigation systems or their weed control mechanism. And on top of that, soil enrichment techniques were practically non-existent. But then again, these are simply ordinary people trying their best and in that sense they are doing a pretty good job.

George’s parents cultivated long rows of banana trees mostly on the farm and on the weekends we would pick up lemons from the ground, fill them in pails and take them back to George’s house. I was told that those lemons are of inferior quality since they were too small and so could not enter the market. Nevertheless, those same lemons would sell for a very high price in my home country, Guyana. But that wasn’t the only good thing which was abundantly throwing away in Rondonopolis that would have been considered a scarce and expensive commodity in my country: there were many others. As the landmark read near the entrance of the city “blessed is the land where God is the Lord”.

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