The Mango Juice Project

While I was traveling through Lethem, Guyana, and Bom Fim, Brazil, I noticed the abundance of mango trees and literally thousands of wasted mangoes which fall to the ground during the mango seasons around July and December every year. In these regions, commercialization doesn’t seem to have reached the level where these fruits are marketed or there is so much of them everywhere, that it isn’t feasible to market them.

It’s also possible that the inhabitants of these regions, who are mostly Amerindians of the various tribes, are not a financially oriented people; they are not driven by the capitalist mentality and so they do not take a liking to commercializing these things which are so natural to their environment.

Nevertheless, the Rupununi is rapidly developing. The villages in North, South and Central Rupununi are booming economically. The people are becoming more and more westernized. Bottled juices are being imported from both Brazil and Georgetown. Quite a few industrial projects have already taken off, and I see it fit that the Rupununi starts producing their own natural bottled juices as soon as possible.

I decided to start with mango juice but I may later move on to cherries, passion fruit and other fruits blended together. The possibilities are truly limitless. I’ll post more information on this page about the mango juice project as it develops.

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