The Printing, Arts & Crafts Company

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Patrick Carpen’s General Printing, Arts & Crafts Company Ltd

Physical Location:

N0.528 Shuangbai Road, Minhang Dist, Shanghai, China.

Factory Space:

15000 square meters.

Office Address:

Room 1410, No. 76 Jiuxin Road, Jiuting Town, Songjiang Dist, Shanghai, China.

No. of Employees: Approx. 120

Products & Services:-

Handbag Printing

Sticker Printing

Enterprise Product Catalog Printing

PET/PVC/PP Plastic Folding Box Printing

White Cardboard Box Printing

Luxury Gift Box Printing

Clothing Branding

T-Shirt Printing

Corrugated Box Printing

Gold And Silver Card Box Printing

Cosmetic Box Printing

Metal Products

Glass Products


Resin Products

Embroidery Products

Paper Products

Ceramic Products

Silicone Products

Crystal Products

Corrugated Boxes

Chocolate Box

Food Packaging

Cake Care

Cake Stand

Cup Cake Box


Cake Care

Cake Stand

Shoe Box

Candle Box

Cosmetic Box

Storage Box


Card Tray

Wine Box

Paper Box

If you need to get some work done in any of the departments described above, please contact Patrick Carpen.

Project Status: Operational

Investment Opportunity: Closed. This project is currently fully funded and is not accepting investments. Please browse the menu on your left for other projects which may be open to investors.

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