The Soap Factory Project

I have always dreamed of manufacturing soap in Guyana: partly to help boost the country‘s economy, partly to help utilize the vast coconut resources in the country and keep the revenue dollars within the country, partly to help create jobs and a better life for the people of Guyana, and partly for my own personal ambitions.

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Unfortunately, I never got down to producing soap. But if I ever do, what kind of soap would it be? It would be based on coconut fat or oil. I saw on the internet that a Guyanese company would be launching its soap production business this October 2014. It’s called Naked Skin soaps.

Naked Skin claims that their soap is handmade, but I hope they will consider industrializing things more into the direction of mass production and automation, since this is the wave of the 21st century, and may very well be the surest way survive and thrive in this competitive age.

My sentiments were mixed when I read about Naked Skin Soaps on Facebook. On one hand I was happy that my fellow citizens were making use of this resource in the way I have always dreamed. On the other hand, I was sad because I do not think it’s wise for two companies to be producing soap in Guyana. So then I could no longer follow my dreams. Maybe I will change my mind and compete with¬†this company some time in the future, who knows? Or maybe I will strike some partnership with them, in some department of the business. Producing and marketing soap has always been my dream for Guyana, because I think that it will help us to be a richer, stronger, more intelligent, and best of all “better smelling” people.

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