The Power of Warm Water?

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Last updated: April 25, 2018 at 23:15 pm

water photoThe power of warm water – could this be true?

I received this message via Whatsapp from a friend from Trinidad and Tobago. I don’t know how accurate the claims are about the power of warm water, but I decided to write it down while I try to verify the accuracy of the claims. The message was signed at the bottom by Dr. D. Mensah Asare, and it advised to forward to all contacts. The message read:

Please share this with family and friends. It’s very important and can save someone’s life.

A group of Japanese doctors confirmed that warm water is 100% effective in resolving some health problems such as:

  1. Migraine
  2. High blood pressure
  3. Low blood pressure
  4. Pain of joints
  5. Sudden increase and decrease of heartbeat
  6. Epilepsy
  7. Increasing level of cholesterol
  8. Cough
  9. Bodily discomfort
  10. Gout pain
  11. Asthma
  12. Whopping cough
  13. Blockage of veins
  14. Disease related and uterus and urine
  15. Stomach problems
  16. Poor appetite
  17. All diseases related to the eyes, ear and throat.
  18. Headache

How to use warm water:

Get up early in the morning and drink approximately 2 glasses of warm water when the stomach is empty. You may not be able to make 2 glasses at the beginning but slowly you will.

Note: Do not eat anything for 45 minutes after taking the water.

The warm water therapy will resolve the health problems within a reasonable period of time such as:

Diabetes in 30 days

Blood pressure in 30 days

Stomach problems in 10 days

All types of cancer in 9 months

Blockage of veins in 6 months

Poor appetite in 10 days

Uterus and related diseases in 10 days

Nose, ear and throat problems in 10 days

Women problems in 15 days

Heart diseases in 30 days

Headache/migraine in 3 days

Cholesterol in 4 months

Epilepsy and paralysis continuously in 9 months

Asthma in 4 months

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Disclaimer: The information on this page has not been verified to be correct or accurate.

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