How To Cure Stomach Ulcers

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Last updated: November 8, 2018 at 3:08 am

stomach photoA stomach ulcer is an erosion in the stomach walls that cause pain and discomfort to the person who suffers from it. The causes of the stomach ulcer are wide and varied. These include viruses, excessive use of painkillers and bacterial infection, but it can also result from fasting. How? When you don’t eat in time, your body still release digestive enzymes into your stomach. This is the sensation of being hungry. When there is no food in the stomach to act on, the enzymes act on the stomach wall, punching a hole into it that can worsen over time.

Thankfully nature has provided with a wide variety of cures for stomach ulcers. One that I have personally tried for myself is eating lots and lots of bananas. It works like a charm. Of course, you don’t have to eat literally a whole truckload of bananas, but the more you eat, and the more frequently you eat it, the faster the ulcers will heal. That is because the banana contains healing properties. It also coats the ulcerated stomach to stop it from further eroding and enhance the healing process.

I recently read on a Facebook Page that green pawpaw cures ulcers like a charm. Here is the remedy.

  1. Get a green (not ripe) pawpaw and wash it clean.
  2. Cut it into small cubes.
  3. Put in into a clean container and cover it water. Also cover the container.
  4. Let it stand for four days.
  5. After 4 days, the liquid will turn white. Strain it out into another clean container.
  6. Drink half a glass of the strained liquid every morning, noon and afternoon.

You will feel relief in as little as one day, but you should continue the treatment until you feel that your stomach has returned to perfect normalcy.

Remember, not all stomach pains are the result of ulcer. Remember to see a doctor if you’re not sure what is causing the pain in your stomach.

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