Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer is a deadly disease which affects millions of people globally. The causes of cancer are mysterious with science blaming everything from CO2 emmissions to the sun which gives us heat, light and energy.

To put it in a nutshell, just about everything has been blamed for cancer. Nevertheless, the results are not consistent. For example, while smoking has been linked to lung cancer, there are still thousands of people who never smoke and still get it, while there are heavy smokers who do.

Holistic health advocates insist that cancer is largely a result of moving away from natural foods and practices. We insist that if you eat certain types of food in right proportions, on a regular basis, you’re almost certain to keep cancer at away.

Here are some natural foods that have been touted as cancer fighting foods. Please note that it is easier to prevent the onset of cancer with most of the foods than curing them. So it is advised that perfectly healthy people include them in their diets to remain that way.

  1. Watermelon