Trying to Make a Clickbank Sale

If you haven’t heard of Clickbank, I suggest you read my article, “What is Clickbank.” To make it brief, clickbank is a platform for selling products online, and if you don’t have a product, you can be an affiliate.

I’d tried my hand at clickbank about a decade ago, but it wasn’t that impressive. However, I was also young at affiliate marketing. So, in October 2019, I decided to give clickbank affiliate marketing a go once more.

I looked around for products I can write an article about, or that I already had a relevant article for, and listed a short description of the product with a picture towards the bottom of the article.

You can see an example here:

Then, I started pumping traffic to that article through my Facebook pages and also through the “Boost Feature.”

Today, October 31, 2019, it has about 7 days since I was pumping traffic to my clickbank products. So how is it going? I’ve got about 77 clicks on my clickbank products but no sale yet!

I’ll keep updating this article for documentary purposes.

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