If You Can’t Use the MLM Product, Don’t Join!

The MLM product must have value!

When considering whether or not to join a multi-level marketing program, first consider if the product is of value to you. If it is, then join. If the product satisfies you the consumer through its value, and you would be comfortable purchasing it month after month for personal consumption, then you can go on to refer others and make money from the MLM product system. When promoting the product, make sure to promote the value and usefulness of the product itself before promoting the opportunity to make money by referring others.

Off to a good start: winning from the first day with a winning MLM product.

Success in MLM means a great MLM product that you can actually use. That way, you’ve taken the first step in winning on the first day of joining. But it doesn’t stop there. If you can purchase bulk quantities of the MLM product and resell in your shop or store (if you have or choose to create one), you’re on to a sure winner. If the MLM product keeps going off the shelf (people keep buying it), then you know again that you have a great MLM product. If the product doesn’t sell well in a retail environment, and you can’t make money this way, then chances are that the product doesn’t possess enough merit to compete in the retail world.

If the only way to make money is by forcing people to join for the money-making opportunity, you’re going up a one-way street: it’s time to back out of there quickly!

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