Is Multi-Level Marketing Fair?

Multi-Level Marketing Is Fair, but….


If you ask me the question “is multi-level marketing fair?”, it can be difficult to answer at first. But in the strictest sense, if you abide by the rules, and use the product you are paying for, then, in that sense, “there is no unfairness in multi-level marketing”.

On the other hand, if everyone who joins are in it just for the money-making opportunity, then it is not possible that they will succeed. In fact, they are certain to fail. That is because multi-level marketing, while it is legal in the sense that it promotes a valuable product, does take on the form of a pyramid. Eventually, there will be too many people trying to sponsor someone and no one left to be sponsored.

Also, if you are able to buy a quantity of the product and make a profit by reselling to non-members of the program in a retail environment, without needing to “sponsor” anyone, you are off to a good start.

Multi-level marketing is fair, but some companies cross the line. Follow the rules and play it safe.

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