Why Patrick Carpen May Be The Only Person Capable of Marketing Guyanese Tourism to Brazil

To market Guyanese Tourism to Brazil demands a very rare and unique skill set. You need someone who:

  1. Is fluent in both English and Portuguese.
  2. Has several years’ experience in the hospitality industry and is versed in customer satisfaction.
  3. Is a skilled web developer.
  4. Is a skilled internet marketer.
  5. Is stationed on the Guyana/Border Brazil.
  6. Understand the beauty and uniqueness that Guyana has to offer to the world.
  7. Knows how to harness advanced advertising techniques such as branding and viral videos.
  8. Has a strong patriotism for his or her own country.
  9. Know what stimulates and excites Brazilians.
  10. Is an expert in Facebook Advertising.

If you ask me how many people fit those requirements, I might say perhaps less than 100….perhaps less than 10 or perhaps only 1!