Products Marketed by Continental Marketing Agency

This page was last updated on the 20th June, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

Below is a partial list of products marketed by Continental Marketing Agency. More will be added over time.


Caramel 30g Wafer Bars – Packs of 4
Chicken Sausage Rosemont Vienna 142g
Coffee 50g bottle
Corn Beef Bordon 320g
Cotton Swabs Boxes of 75 units
Instant Macarao Sandella 80 g
Juice Nectar da Fruta-case of 12
Juice Da Fruta 200 ml Box of 27 Units
Marata 30 g – 1 Liter Packs of 15 units
Margarine Deline 250 grams
Marshall’s Sardines 124 grams
Nescau 200g bottle
Powder Milk Otimo 400 g
Soap Oliver
Soap Protex
Soap Even 90 g
Soap Powder Ace 500 g
Soya Bean Oil Concordia 900 ml
Stay Free (Brazilian) 1 pack of 8 units
Tea Bags King Cups
Tomato Paste consar 70 grams
Tooth Brush Dr. Brush
Toothpaste Even 90g
Washing Soap 1 pack of 5 units
Yogurt Cups – 1 box containing 60 cups
Yogurt REAL 600 grams
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