What Is An Autoresponder

Note: Autoresponders Fall Under Internet Marketing

An autoresponder is a software program that is designed very similar to an email program such as Yahoo! Mail or Gmail. However, the purpose of a autoresponder is to respond automatically when a message is sent to us. As you can imagine, there are many different types of autoresponders designed for many different purposes.

The type of autoresponder I will be addressing in this article is the one used to help market a particular product or service on the web. Lets say that you are selling ‘the best organic gardening ebook ever’. One approach is to build a website with a domain name such as ‘organicgardeninghelp.com’. When people land on your website, you want to grab their attention quickly and entice them to keep reading. For this reason, you may want to have a cleverly and attractively designed homepage with a compelling salesletter explaining why they should buy your book.

You need to put punch lines everywhere, with strong call to actions such as buy now before the price goes up. Include your buynow button everywhere, with your price, such as 17.00. You should know the quality of your ebook, as well as the competitors and demand in order to decide how much to charge for your ebook. You may also want to do some back end marketing inside your ebook: so that once someone buys your ebook, and you have received money, there is also a great chance of making even further money when they buy from links inside your ebook.

Also, you might want to include a link back to your own website and talk about yourself a little on the Preface or Introduction section. More on creating a great salespage and writing a great sales letter later. Also, more on creating a best selling ebook later, as well as great ideas for ebooks.

Let’s come back to the point: autoresponders. So you have a great domain name, a great salesletter and a great buy now button. But still, many people will not buy the first time they read your salespage. They will continue searching Google and exploring all other possibilities, and may even forget about your site and not find it again. And if your site does not rank high and you had to use Adwords advertising, that is a painful loss. You need to make a special effort to capture your visitor’s email. This way, you could try to sell your product even after they have left. To do this, you need to give something away for free. I would recommend giving the first ten pages away free.

But what if 1 million people take the free ebook every month? How many people are you able to write, call or talk to personally? Not many, and it is not a venture I would recommend. That is where the autoresponder comes in. An autoresponder is a software program that will capture the name and address of the person who downloads the free ebook offer, store it a database and makes it easy to communicate with all contacts with a few simple clicks.  You may even refine who you want to contact from the “mailing list” by categorizing by interests, location etc; and you can load messages which send by themselves at preset intervals.

I’ll be listing some of your best autoresponder options soon.

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