Multi-Level Marketing – An Introduction

Multi-Level Marketing OR MLM


For short, we call it MLM, and almost everyone has had a close shave, if not an all-out encounter, with the expression before. Today, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of companies which employ a marketing system known as MLM to market their products.

With the rising popularity of the internet, and the exponential growth of online commerce, MLM companies started to harness the power of the internet and internet marketers.

If you’ve ever heard about companies such as Avon, Herbalife, SFI, or TelexFree, you’ve heard about MLM companies.

By now, a great percentage of internet users has been pitched with an offer to join an MLM program, and for this reason, the idea of multi-level marketing raises many troubling questions; questions such as:

Is multi-level marketing a pyramid scheme?

Is multi-level marketing fair?

Is multi-level marketing legal?

Can multi-level marketing make me rich?

Should I get involved in multi-level marketing?

What is multi-level marketing really?

The good news is that I have been following the trends in the multi-level marketing industry for the last ten years, and I know the pros and cons of every aspect of its being. Use the links on the right menu bar to learn more.

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