Christian Experiences in Hell – Could This Be Real?

Last updated: December 8, 2018 at 17:02 pm

hell photoAn alarming number of Christians have been reportedly going for a tour of hell and coming back to tell the story on YouTube and other forms of media. The stories bear some similarity to each other – especially as it relates to the depth of punishment meted out to sinners in hell – but most contradict each other at some point or the other.

I’ve stumbled upon a few of these videos on YouTube and couldn’t help holding back a cringe or two. But what was worse was all the childish comments of people buying into the story.

Now I’m not saying that these people were all lying. Neither am I saying that they were telling the truth. I’m a believer in Jesus and student of the bible, but I do not claim to know everything or have all the answers.

But if you ask me if I believe that these stories are true, I’d say “most likely not.”

Why? So far in my biblical studies, I have not seen conclusive evidence in God’s word of an eternal torture in hell. I did see conclusive evidence of annihilation of the sinful.

Please note:

Eternal Destruction – a term used in the bible which may mean that the sinner is destroyed and will never be recreated – he or she is destroyed “eternally.”

Eternal punishment – an expression which may mean that someone is punished with “death” which is the wages of sin, and that this punishment cannot be undone – that it is eternal.

Eternal torture – what most Christians are describing the judgement of sinners to be.

Please also note: The bible does make reference to sinners being “tormented forever and ever” but this may be symbolic reference. The context of these scriptures needs to be examined and they need to be crosschecked against other scriptures on the subject.

Further, even if hell were an eternal torture for sinners, it is unlikely that these people’s account of hell is true, since the bible clearly states that we need to await the resurrection and judgement before going either to heaven or hell. The bible tells us that “the dead is conscious of nothing.” We read that David was buried and “slept” with his fathers. Before Jesus called Lazarus from the grave, he said that Lazarus was “sleeping.”

So then what could possibly explain all these horror stories of Christians going for a tour of hell and coming back to tell tale? Read my article “Christian Experiences in Hell – What Could Explain It,” for my viewpoint on the matter.

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