An Introduction

Religion is any set of beliefs accompanied by a set of practices or “codes or conduct” which is intended to draw a believer closer to the Divine Creator of the world, and may also cause fulfillment and betterment in the life of the individual.

Sadly, there are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of religions in the world today, many of them claim that their path is correct and all other paths are in error.

In addition to this, some religions divide themselves based on slight differences in the interpretations of scriptures by their followers. For example, the Christian religion has been divided into many “sectors”, each sector seeing things slightly different, but all united as Christians through belief in Jesus Christ. An example of a Christian “sect” is the Seventh Day Adventist Church who advocate the Christ did not completely “do away with” the law of Moses and that resting on the seventh day of the week is critical for obedience to God.

For as far as I could recall consciousness, even as a child just starting to observe the beautiful world around me, many questions plagued my mind. Who am I? Why am I here? Who made me…?

The answers were not always clear and it sparked in me an insatiable desire to find out the meaning of life. If I were simply the product of my parents, then my parents were the product of someone else. And if you trace human existence right down to the first man and woman, common logic alone will dictate that they couldn’t have made themselves. Something had to make them, and that thing had to be superior to humans. That thing had to be God.

Besides, I don’t think my parents are smart enough to be able to make a masterpiece like me. They were just an avenue used by God to bring me into the world. But who was this God, why did He make me, and what does He require of me?

Indeed, a close study of human existence, the natural, scientific and even divine laws will indicate that there is some order to existence. Something or someone had to create this order…and that something or someone had to be a Higher Power. 

My thirst for God led to the study of religion, and with unparalleled zest I delved into the study of every religious book I could find. I interviewed authorities and leaders in every religious field, and I prayed continuously for God to reveal the truth about Himself to me.

Now I am not saying that I have all the answers; but I would like to share a little bit about what I learned with you. Keep reading, you just might learn something.

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