Develop Speed, Strength And Conditioning For Sports

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Why should I listen to you or even consider buying your book?
  • Do you want to get faster?
  • Do you want your athletes to get faster if you are a coach?
  • Do you want an edge against your competition?
  • Are there still lingering questions you have about speed training (i.e. should I stretch a lot, should I lift heavy weights, program design issue, proper technique, nutrition, fat loss, muscle building, conditioning, etc.)?
  • Do you want to include more variation and or intensity into your current training system?
  • Have you or your athletes strained their hamstrings before and want to learn how to fix it permanently?
  • Would you want to learn from a system that has been endorsed by several NBA, NFL, MLB, top notch collegiate strength and conditioning coaches, and other industry experts?
  • Would you like to also improve your first step explosiveness, start, acceleration, deceleration, quickness, vertical jump height, and overall athletic ability?
  • Would you like to make specific sport skill learning easier through better power, coordination, and strength development?
  • Do you want to be your absolute best?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions listed above, then this book will show you exactly how to get the results you want. It has worked for so many before and it will work for you, or your money back.

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