Build A Nikola Tesla Power Generator

power photoHow To Build A Tesla Power Generation System

Nikola Tesla was a great scientist who lived between the years 1856 and 1943. He made many scientific discoveries and helped to improve man’s understanding of electricity. He left the world with a great invention which could produce large amounts of electricity with a very small investment of time and resources. This is called the Tesla Power Generation System.

You can make a Tesla Power Generation System.

That’s right! You too can make a Tesla Power Generation System that produces large quantities of power. It may even power your entire home. The good thing is, you can start small. For an investment of around 100 US dollars, you can start building your profitable power producing machine.

How To Build A Tesla Power Generation System

The Tesla Power Generation System draws energy from “thin air” that is, the atmosphere all around  you. Although Tesla Power Generation Systems are not available for sale, one company promises to teach you how to build it with a little effort and investment in time and money.

The Tesla Power Generation System, when constructed in the right manner, can save you thousands of dollars every month in electricity bills, and you can even do it on a more commercial scale.

Nikola Tesla Secret (Trade Mark) will teach you:

  1. How to find the right material to start your own Tesla Power Generation System.
  2. How to “increase as you go”, that is, keep expanding the power plant as much as you want. This way, you can start small, grow big and explode into gigantic success.
  3. How to assemble the material into the perfect Tesla Power Generation System.
  4. How to choose the most convenient spot for locating the power plant.


You will need a fair amount of general knowledge, a good understanding of electrical appliances and wiring, and a strict understanding of electrical safety measures to build your own Tesla Power Generation System. You will also need to be a smart person. But cheer up, if you’ve read this far, chances are, you are already a smart person.

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