How Fiverr Is Changing the Game for Online Freelancers and Buyers

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Back in my early days of doing work and getting things done online, I had used many outsourcing platforms. Of course, when you need to create high quality digital products, you often need to engage the help of talented professionals from all over the world. And outsourcing platforms make that happen.

An outsourcing platform is a website or web application where buyers and sellers of services go to connect with each other. One good example of an outsourcing platform that I’ve used since the year 2006 is Elance. Elance has now changed to I’ve used Elance to find some awesome talent which helped to illustrate my book, “Angela’s Lost Turtle,” and many other projects.

When I started using Elance, I was amazed at the kind of talent I could find there. Of course, you get disappointed at times – especially in the software/web applications arena. In fact, one freelancer I hired from Pakistan tried to hack my website and implant malicious code on it; another tried to steal my content. But, you do find great ones too. Just be careful of the kind of access you give freelancers to your websites and passwords.

Coming back to the topic. When I first started using Elance (now upwork), I was so amazed with the platform that I figured it was a creator’s dream and it couldn’t get any better!

But it does! In 2019, a friend of mine, Doug Spencer, introduced me to At first, he recommended that I go there to do some freelance work and make some money. I never got down to doing that, but I did use the platform to find a freelancer to design the cover for my book, “Learn Portuguese the Fun Way,” and I hired another one to produce the audio for “Aprenda Ingles de Maneira Divertida” which is a language learning book aimed at teaching English to Brazilians...and quite a few others!

When I started using Fiverr, at first I thought, “It’s just another one of the dozens of outsourcing platforms.” I was wrong. Here is how Fiverr has changed the game of buying and selling services: it lets you specialize.

When you go on Elance, you post a project and describe what you want. Bidders start bidding on your project telling you what their skills are and what they can do. When you go to Fiverr, you’re bombarded with a repository of skilled professionals, each one specialized in one particular task, and each one with their gigs illustrating what they can do. And this changes the whole game. It makes finding a freelancer a faster and easier task.

The average freelancer on Fiverr has about 100 5-star ratings and positive reviews. And that’s probably because of the art of specialization. You say, for example, “OK, I Can Build You A Beautiful Website.” Then you create a few gigs to display your skills. People who need to have a website built can zero in and select you in a flash.

Fiverr is not just another outsourcing platform. It’s innovative. It’s an improvement to the others. It takes things one step further. Of course, there are some situations where Elance would be more effective than Fiverr, such as when you want to attract a lot of freelancers in order to hire a team of them quickly.

Fiverr gives freelancers the opportunity to build a portfolio, to specialize in one particular task, to gather all the tools and resources to perform such a task effectively and to deliver that performance at a high standard while gaining experience and honing their skills. It also gives buyers the ability to zero in on dozens of skilled freelancers, who can do exactly what they want to get done, by typing in a few search terms.

Looking for voice over talent? Just run a search. Webdesign? Check. Javascript expert? We got you covered.

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