Get A Second Passport

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Why do you want to get a second passport? There are so many reasons why someone would want to get a second passport in a foreign country.

Perhaps your survival or livelihood, for some reason or the other, is being threatened in your native country. Perhaps you want to start a new life in another country.

Maybe you want to try out a new environment. Or maybe you think you’d fit in better somewhere else in the world, among a different people, or kind of people.

The sad reality is that, in our world today, we are only allowed to stay in a foreign country for X amount of time. After that, we have to leave. But cheer up! It’s entirely possible to obtain a PASSPORT to a foreign country which gives you a right to stay there.

On this webpage, I’ll be outlining the rules for obtaining a second passport in various countries around the world.

Let’s start with Brazil.

To get a second passport in Brazil, and be able to permanently live and work in the country, you need to do one of the following:

  1. Marry a Brazilian citizen.
  2. Have a child born in Brazil.
  3. Invest at least 250,000 USD (subject to change).

Stay tuned, I’ll be posting more updates as time goes by.

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