Cure Diabetes

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How To Cure Diabetes

Cure diabetes? Is it really possible? Many people have tried and failed. Conventional medicine thus far has not rolled out a known cure for diabetes, which brings us to…


What Causes Diabetes…

There is an ongoing debate about what really causes diabetes. Evidence suggests that lack of exercise, diet and genetic factors all determine who gets diabetes and when. Naturally, eating certain types of food and failing to eat others are contributing factors to the onset of diabetes. But as anyone can imagine, there are more serious factors involved. It has been documented that the offspring of diabetic persons are at significantly greater risk of developing the disease than offspring of non-diabetic persons. This invokes the question:


Is Diabetes A Disease?

In the strictest definition, diabetes is more of an organ failure than a disease. Diseases are conditions that are often transmittable through contact. It is not possible to “catch” diabetes from another person. Naturally, if you indulge in the same practices which induced diabetes in that person, you are likely to suffer from it yourself. Nevertheless, diabetes is the failure of the pancreas to do its job.

What is the job of the pancreas? The job of the pancreas is to produce insulin. Insulin is a hormone (a special type of chemical) which helps body cells to absorb sugar in the bloodstream and convert it to energy. Without enough insulin in the bloodstream, the body is unable to convert sugar to energy. The body cells, lacking energy, starts to suffer, causing weakness. The body detects excessive sugars in the blood stream and struggles to “offload” it, causing frequent urination. As the blood sugar level of the individual rises, it creates a virtual ecosystem where germs and bacteria thrive, making the individual more likely to develop an infection. Cuts refuse to heal and sores develop easily because of high blood sugar. If treatment is not sought soon enough, destruction of body organs sets on without warning. This brings us to:


How To Treat Diabetes

I did meet a man who claims he was diabetic and was being treated with “bush medicine”. Upon checking his blood sugar, it was found that it was perfectly under control. On the other hand, I did encounter some people who tried the entire gamut of bush medicine with the result of the blood sugar still going through the roof. It is possible that they have not been introduced to the right bush medicine, or their pancreas failure has passed the stage where bush medicine is effective, which brings us to:


Flogging A Dead Horse

If pancreas failure is at a point where medication can stimulate and cause it to produce more insulin, then pills and other oral medication can “treat it” to stimulate insulin production. On the other hand, if the pancreas is at a stage where no amount of stimulation produces more insulin, then the only alternative is to inject insulin into the body.


Slow Release Insulin

Slow release insulin is insulin which acts slowly over a period of several days or weeks. Just one shot of slow release insulin may be effective for several days or weeks.


Treating Diabetes With Natural Medicine

Often, people ingest bitter medicine with the aim of treating diabetes. It should be noted that while this type of treatment will counter the sugar in the blood and reduce it temporarily, there is no guarantee that the effect will be lasting, since the bitters may not stimulate the pancreas to produce more insulin, leaving you in the same condition once the bitters “wears off”. On the other hand, there may exist natural remedies which can reverse the effects of diabetes by stimulating the pancreas to produce insulin, or reverse the process which caused it to fail in the first place; but so far, there has not been any widely known natural remedy of this sort.

As one can imagine, diabetes may very well be a “modern” illness, brought on by significant changes in lifestyle and nutrition which the human body was not originally designed to cope with. Excessive sweet and fats in the diet, with the lack of more natural foods, combined with unhealthy lifestyles all contribute to raising the incidence rate of diabetes in humans.

I have scoured the net and found quite a few companies and individuals who claim they know how to help you “cure” your diabetes. While I cannot vouch for these websites, or give an opinion on their reliability, if you or someone you know is suffering from diabetes, they might be worth investigating.

The Miracle Diabetes Reversal Cure

The author of this book claims she can help you reverse diabetes through a diet program. She claims she has been studying the subject for years in order to help relatives of hers who were suffering from diabetes. She says that through the right nutrition system, your pancreas can repair itself and start producing insulin again like before. Learn more…


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