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It is a fact, people DO judge a book by its cover, or a product by its package! Don’t believe me? Go into any book store or video store and look around. Nine times out of ten it is the cover design or packaging that will first draw your eye to a particular product. It’s at that moment your first impressions are formed and the sale is made….. or lost!

The same is true on the internet, probably more so. That’s because everything on the Net is two dimensional. If you want to make a good first impression, to build trust, and create value in your customers mind, then you have to present your product in a way your customer can relate to.

You have to present it in a way that makes your customer want to reach into their screen and pick it up. If you can do that, make the product jump and say, hey! look at me! I’m real, buy me now! Then you will make more sales. It’s as simple as that.

Have a browse through some of our ecover designs and styles, but keep in mind two important things:

  1. Every ebook cover is unique and has been created by a designer who has a great deal of experience in sales and marketing, and online business. That means that you get an ebook cover that has been designed with one thing in mind. To get you more sales!
  2. Every ebook cover comes with a full no questions asked, money back guarantee. What that means is, that you can order your ebook cover, safe in the knowledge that if you don’t like what we produce, and you don’t want us to fix it, then you get your money back, and we keep the cover. No ifs, ands or buts. And no questions asked!

Now, check out some of our ecover designs and styles below, then compare them to what you are currently showing your visitors. Then imagine how many more sales you could be making right now if you had your product, ebook or ezine wrapped in a KillerCover.

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Click Here to see more Killer eBook Cover designs

Ebook sales volumes are exploding. As competition heats up it is absolutely essential for you to stand out from everyone else. A KillerCover Ebook Cover designed exclusively for you will ensure you do stand out, and sell more!

Whether you sell your ebook or give it away free, you will be amazed by how many more downloads you will get if you have a KillerCover Ebook Cover on it. Don’t believe me? Go ahead, try it, click hereto download one of our FREE ebook covers. Put it on your site where people will see it, then keep an eye on the downloads.

Now imagine that it is your ebook that is being downloaded. All because of a simple KillerCover Ebook Cover.

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My Secret Weapon in the Business World!

Michael Rasmussen

Vaughan Davidson is, in my opinion, one of the best graphic designers in all of Internet marketing. I consider him to be my secret weapon in the business world. While other people are running around with their own homemade graphics, my business has a consistent and professional image thanks to his graphical genius.

Whether you need e-covers, print covers, header graphics, or PowerPoint slides for screen capture presentations, Vaughan Davidson should be the person you contact first.

Michael Rasmussen



Click Here to see more Killer eBox Cover designs

If you are selling something other than an Ebook, then a KillerCover eBox is the perfect way to present it to your customer. People have been buying things in boxes all their lives; they feel comfortable buying that way.

It’s for this very reason that a KillerCover eBox makes your job of getting the sale that much easier. You are presenting your product to them in a familiar way. A way they know and understand. When you present something in a way your customers know and understand, you make more sales. Simple as that!

You can use a KillerCover eBox to present just about any product or service. Software is the first thing most people think about, but KillerCover eBoxes have been used to sell subscriber only sites, multimedia courses, online services and multi products in one pack.

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I am a Customer For Life!

Mike Filsaime

WOW! I don’t know how you do it. I tried using so called “Generators” but the final project would always come out “Fuzzy!” I saw these great looking graphics all over the web and I said “I need that!” That’s how I heard about I describe what I wanted and it’s like you read my mind (the creative part of my mind that I’m still trying to find). I promote a professional product and there’s only one place to go now. No question, I am a customer for life.

Mike Filsaime

Click Here to see more Killer eZine Covers

The competition for ezine subscribers is getting more intense by the day. It used to be enough to have a “put your email address here” box on your home page. Now you have to offer free gifts, reports and ebooks. And that’s not even working like it used to.

Now there is a new way, a way that 99% of your competition hasn’t discovered, yet. Those that are using it are reporting a flood of new subscribers. These people have given their ezine or newsletter the appearance of a magazine.

Everyone loves reading a magazine, that’s why they’re so popular. And, by giving your ezine or newsletter a magazine style cover, people feel good about subscribing. In fact, they want to subscribe. They feel they are subscribing to something more than an email in their inbox once a week. They are subscribing to something solid, something real. When you get your customer in that frame of mind, your subscriber rate will skyrocket.

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Do What They Promise!

Steve Hackney

Thanks for the “KillerCovers” you sent. I think you’ve done a fantastic job. I love what you’ve done.

I must say it’s always a pleasant surprise when you deal with suppliers who actually do what they promise. (I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say this is rare these days!).

You’ve definitely over delivered. The $117 I spent with you was money extremely well spent. Thanks again, I’m sure I’ll be in touch again shortly for my next KillerCover.

Steve Hackney

What happens if your product does not suit one of the three standard KillerCover ebook cover shapes? Simple, we have 16 other shapes you can choose from. Everything from spiral bound reports to CD/DVD labels. Click here to see the other KillerCover ebook cover shapes that are available.

Click here to order your new ebook cover right now
100% Risk Free!

Turn your new Killercover ebook cover into a complete Killer Web Site Brand Pack.

Click Here to see Killer Web Site Brand Pack examples

If you want to turn your new Killercover ebook cover into a professional looking brand and web site then you need the Killer Web Site Brand Pack. Here is what is inside:

  1. An HTML page ready for you to paste your sales copy into.
  2. A Killer Header that matches your KillerCover ebook cover that goes at the top of your web site.
  3. Your Killercover in 4 sizes.
  4. Plus 1 x small 2D and 1 x large 2D for the first page of your PDF ebook.
  5. A Word Document Template to help you create a professional eBook.
  6. Order button to match your Killercover and website look.
  7. Credit card logos.
  8. Matching Johnson Box design to pull out test and make your salesletter pop.
  9. FREE BONUS -Additional Graphics to use on your site to make an impact.
  10. Additional footer links to extend your site further.
  11. Killer Footer and site background to match your new brand.
  12. Copyright and legal disclaimer links to help you meet the FTC requirements.

In other words, the Killer Web Site Brand Pack lets you easily and simply create a web site to match your Killercover ebook cover. This gives your web site a professional look and brand that in turn gives your customers the feeling of security and trust that is required in making the sale. Click here to see more examples of the Killer Web Site Brand Pack. or…

Click Here to Order Your Brandpack today

Keep Up the Outstanding Work!

With speed of light service, professionals and design that just can’t be beat, and at a price so affordable that just about anyone can take advantage of the profits that await them, Vaughan, I want to thank you for a job well done.

Not only did you take my cover to a level that far surpassed what even I had envisioned, but you did it with nothing less than total consideration for what I was trying to get across. No wonder you’re number one!! Keep up the outstanding work!

Chayden A. Bates

Here is the bottom line. No matter what products or services you sell or give away, you will have a higher conversion rate if your customer can see it, and understand it. That is what is all about. Packaging your product or service and website in a way your customer can see and understand. Whether it’s an ebook, service, software, or ezine we will put it in a package that has been designed to sell.

It has been reported back to me by some of my customers that their package or ebook cover design increased their sales by 300% or more. What would a 300% increase in sales mean to you? What would happen to your bottom line? Now before we get carried away, I can’t say that you will increase your sales by that much, because there are many more factors involved than an ebook cover. But I can say you will increase sales, or in the case of an ezine, your subscription rates.

Have A Profitable Day!

Vaughan Davidson

Vaughan Davidson

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