Taking the Bus: The Return Bus Fare

The information on this page was last updated on: 31 Dec 2014.

If you’re entering Brazil through the border with Guyana, where the Brazilian city Bom Fim and the Guyanese town Lethem lay side by side, you may consider the option of taking the bus from Bom Fim to Boa Vista. Boa Vista is the first major city you’ll reach as you travel into Brazil from it’s border with Guyana.

If you want to explore the tiny Brazilian city of Bom Fim a little bit, and spend a few nights at a good hotel, then I recommend the Takutu Hotel in Bom Fim.

If you’re traveling away from Lethem or Bom Fim and going further into Brazil, then you may do this via either private taxis or the big buses. The private taxi will take 25 reals to take you to Boa Vista while the big buses will take 18 reals for a one-way trip to Boa Vista.

However, if you want to go to Boa Vista and return to Bom Fim, then I recommend purchasing the return bus ticket. The return bus ticket, which takes you to Boa Vista and back, costs just 26 reals, and this way, you save a lot of money, so to speak.

You can use the return ticket to return from Boa Vista the same day or any other day. At first, I was the impression that if you bought a return ticket from Bom Fim for Boa Vista, then you had to return with the bus before the day is up. However, I decided to investigate, so I took my bicycle and rode all the way Lethem to the center of Bom Fim to inquire concerning this matter. I asked the guy in the ticket booth if I bought a return ticket to Boa Vista, do I have to return the same day with the bus? He responded, “nao, qualquer dia”. Which, tranlated means “no, any day”. He smiled. This was a delight to me and a relief to hear. Now for sure, whenever I go to Boa Vista for a tour, I’ll take the big bus and return whenever I please. It’s fun safe and convenient.

The buses leave from the bus station in Bom Fim at 7 A.M, 10 A.M and 2: p.m and the same hours from Boa Vista to Bom Fim.

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