Brazil Helps Millions of Displaced Venezuelans

Last updated: October 29, 2017 at 12:32 pm

venezuela photoFor those of you who still don’t know, Venezuela is going through one of the worst humanitarian crisis in its history. Millions of Venezuelans are seeking refuge all over the world.

And Brazil, a strong and peaceful nation, is lending a helping hand. Today, millions of Venezuelans have poured into Brazil, seeking a place to rest their head and earn a few dollars. The Brazilian government is opened a program to grant refuge status to Venezuelans fleeing violence, starvation and political persecution in Venezuela.

This article, taken from, explains how the Brazilian government moved over 300 Venezuelans away from the Bus Station were they were seeking refuge, and transported them to a place where they can get shelter and jobs.

Article Date: Saturday, 28th of October, 2017.

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It began on Saturday morning, the 28th, the withdrawal of the Venezuelan immigrants who were encamped in the outer area of ​​the Boa Vista International Road, located in the 13 de Setembro neighborhood.

According to one of the coordinators of the operation, the commander of the Fire Department, Colonel Doriedson Ribeiro, the action was carried out through a dialogue with the Venezuelan leaders.

In total, 380 people are being referred to the Tancredo Neves sports gym, located in the same neighborhood, in the western part of Boa Vista, of which 30 are children.

“We explained to them that this would not be the place to stay, and that we provide the gymnasium where it will be done in the same way as the Pintolândia Shelter. They will receive all the host work and from there a survey will be made on those people who need to enter the job market. Those who have the interest and conditions to be inserted in the formal market, the government will send the registration to the National Employment System (Sine), the Secretariat of Labor and Social Welfare of Roraima (Setrabes), “said the commander .

Buses were provided for the transportation of all Venezuelans and boarding was taking place in a quiet and organized manner. The operation has the support of the Civil Defense of the Military Fire Brigade of Roraima and Military Police (PM).

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