Children’s Day In Brazil

On October 12, Brazilians dedicate a special holiday in honor of their children called ‘Children’s Day’, because, as the poster on the wall reads, ‘to be a child is to believe that everything is possible, that there is no evil in the world….to be a child is to make friends with others before even knowing their names…and to forgive much easier than quarrel….it is to have the happiest day of one’s life, everyday. To be a child is what people should never give up…no matter how old they get…”

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The Wizard school where I worked threw a big party the day before (11th) in honor of the children. A number of children were invited and special treats, games and fun activities were arranged for them.

The next day October 12th, was a public holiday so we stayed home. Some people stopped by my apartment with big bags of sweets and inquired if there were any children there. There weren’t any children in my apartment at the time, but I was amazed at how the people went from house to house, apartment to apartment, to give the kids a little gift and make them happy.

Indeed, here is a community which is “one big happy family”! Campo Verde!

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