Bonfim – Roraima – Northern Brazil

Last updated: February 11, 2018 at 15:57 pm

A principal highway in the center of the municipality of Bonfim.

Bonfim is one of the smallest, least developed and least populated cities or municipalities of Brazil. It is located in the northernmost state of Brazil – Roraima. Bonfim is the northernmost city or municipality in the state of Roraima – it is located right next to the border with Guyana.

The racial composition of Bonfim is made up of a mix of native Indians and Portuguese – and the pro-creation of intermarriages or relationships between those two races. There is a very small percentage of Africans, East Indians and Caucasians – so small that the number is considered negligible.

There are very few economic activities in the city of Bonfim. Most of the population live through construction and maintenance work and small shops and other businesses.

The economy is supported mostly by hand out by the government to families who qualify, such as school support of Brazilian children.

There are several schools in Bonfim and one University.

Cashew nut production is done on a primitive way and small scale by some of the residents of Bonfim.

Most of the goods from Bonfim come from Manaus, Sao Paulo and other southern states via Manaus and Boa Vista.

The climate in Bonfim is a relatively hot as it lies close to the equator.

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