An Encounter with the Brazilian Police

Last updated: December 13, 2017 at 23:59 pm

police photoSome days ago, I had an encounter with the Brazilian Police in Bonfim. I was walking on the main road in the center of the Brazilian city of Bonfim. I wore a long-sleeved yellow jersey and was carrying a haversack. It was around nine O Clock. I was waiting for the bus that leaves the bus station for Boa Vista at ten O clock.

I decided to walk a few meters away to the coffee shop to get some breakfast. Walking slowly on my way back, and admiring the beautiful morning atmosphere, I saw a police vehicle cruising slowly behind me. There was a man and a woman inside. The woman was tall and fair in complexion, had a slim and beautiful body and a pretty face and appeared to be in her early twenties.

She was driving. The man was sitting in the passenger’s seat of the vehicle next to the woman who was driving. He appeared to be in his thirties. He was of medium height and build, dark in complexion and had wavy hair. I didn’t stare at them, but I could see them looking at me. When I looked straight at them, the driver stepped on the gas and drove away.

I suspected that they were checking up on suspicious activities in the area. The truth is that the Brazilian Police is always on the lookout for potential criminals who come to commit a variety of offenses in the country. These may include human trafficking and drug trafficking.

The vehicle drove a distance and made a u-turn some distance away. It circled and appeared behind me again. This time they pulled over.

I reasoned that in the first instance, when the woman saw my face as I turned back, she thought “nah, he’s too handsome to be a criminal.” But the man in the vehicle probably convinced her to turn back.

The man got out and asked me for my bag. I gave it to him. He checked it carefully. Of course, there was nothing there to be worried about. The woman came over. She asked me my name. “Patrick,” I said. I then saw the badge on her shirt. “And you’re Priscilla?”

She nodded.

They asked where I was going. I told them the truth: that I was on my way to Boa Vista to purchase soap powder. The woman asked if soap powder doesn’t sell in Bonfim.

“But it sells cheaper in Boa Vista.”

They both had a doubtful look on their faces. I didn’t explain that I was a wholesaler of soap powder in Lethem and that I was going to search for a distributor in Boa Vista, but I would do that later.

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“So where are you from Priscilla, Bonfim?” I asked.

She nodded.0

I looked her straight in the eyes. I could sense that she was starting to feel uncomfortable, fearing my approach might get more seductively intense and she would be in trouble.

They told me I could go. I smiled and walked away. It was fun talking to the Brazilian Police.

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