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Page First Published: 23rd of June, 2019

Last updated: June 23, 2019 at 18:35 pm
(This is a placeholder image while we work to acquire actual images of Kuwait. This may or may not be a photo of Kuwait.

Kuwait is country in the continent of Asia, more specificially, the portion of Western Asia generally referred to as the “Middle East.”

It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the South, Iraq to the North and West, and the Persian Gulf to the east.

Kuwait is the 102nd smallest country in the word (clarifications needed) – measuring just 6,879 square miles or 17,818 square kilometers.

The Kuwaiti currency, called the Kuwaiti Dinar, is the world’s strongest currency – over three times more powerful than the US Dollar. At the time this writing (23rd of June, 2019), 1 Kuwaiti Dinar was valued at 3.29 US dollars.


The temperature of Kuwait ranges from 20 to 40 degrees celsius with the highest recorded temperature being 53.6 degrees celsius. Note: The 53.6 degrees celsius recorded in Kuwait holds the record for being the highest temperature ever recorded in the continent of Asia.


The religion of Kuwait is predominantly Islam.


Kuwait sits on the world’s sixth largest oil reserves and its major export is protroleum and petroleum based products. Other major industries of Kuwait include financial services.


The population of Kuwait as of the time of this writing (June 23rd, 2019) stands at approximately 5 million.

Tourist Attractions

Major tourist attractions in Kuwait include the Grand Mosque, the Kuwait Towers, Kuwait Zoo, Aqua Park, the American Culture Center and Magic Planet.


In 2019, with a total estimated military pesonnel of 40,000, Kuwait’s military was ranked 84 out of 134 by Global Fire Power Website.

Happiness Index

A 2018 report ranked Kuwait as the 45th happiest country in the world.


A recent report by Safe Around the World marked Kuwait as the 55th Safest country out of a total of 160 countries.

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