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Indifference – A Poem by Patrick Carpen

Indifference Poem by Patrick Carpen

Man’s best friend sits on the porch

While soldiers run and march.

He watches the fleecy western cloud

Slowly sail and turn about,

And change to languid red,

In the daily call of sunset.


A single star looks down and twinkle

The sky slowly darkens.

The wind gets cooler, cooler, cooler,

Far away there’s war and fire.


His brown eyes sees indifferently

The green grass blackening…slowly, slowly,

Into the darkness of the night

With the final breath of twilight.


He hears a wild hog

Sees a croaking frog;

Darkness lights upon the lawn,

Another day is gone.


Will he never, never smell the fear

Of death that lingers in the air?

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