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Often, it is a challenge for aspiring children’s writers to take their book idea from a manuscript to a fully illustrated, highly presentable children’s book which children all over the world would love to read.

The writer must sift through dozens of prospective publishers before finding the right one: if this does actually happen. How do you know which publishers to contact? How do you know which ones are most likely to be interested in your work? There are many resources on the subject but in my opinion, they leave a lot to be desired.


I should advise here that having a children’s book accepted by a publisher is more than just a challenge because the market is not tilted in the writer’s favor: there are often more writers shooting off manuscripts than eyes are able to go through in the publishing houses.

I am presenting here a list of children’s book publishers who are willing to read manuscripts from children’s book writers – both new and published.

This list aims to be the most comprehensive and helpful list for aspiring children’s writers and illustrators.

If you have tried contacting some or all of these publishers, and still feel the process is not good enough for you, you may want to consider reading my article on:

How to self-publish a children’s book: based on my wildly successful self-published children’s book which has sold millions of copies worldwide.

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