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Last updated: October 3, 2017 at 18:45 pm

writer photoWriters, by profession, are people who make a living with the pen, just as a mercenary may make a living by the sword. The major difference is that if you live by the pen you shall not necessarily die by the pen, and the pen is mightier than the sword.

The professional writer writes to earn money, while the amateur writer writes because he or she loves writing. The word amateur has its root in Latin “amar=to love.” The amateur writer, therefore, does not strive to make money through writing, but writes for a love of writing.

But it is my view that the amateur writer and the professional writer are one and the same, or that every professional writer is also an amateur writer. That is because the task of writing for money is best when undertaken by someone who loves writing.

So many amateur writers, therefore, turn their love for writing into a profession, thereby becoming professional writers. That is why I named this website: The Professional and Amateur Writer. It is because I believe that every professional writer was once an amateur writer, who once wrote only for the love of writing, and that an amateur writer can easily turn his or her passion for writing into profits.

Here I will strive to discuss matters of importance to writers, and provide ideas and insights on how to survive, thrive, have fun and even create wealth in the literary world.

The writer’s task is not always an easy one. In fact, most writers face stiff competition. A children’s writer, for example, trying to publish his or her first children’s book may have to go through tons of rejection letters and may even be targeted by hoards of scam artists.

I will seek to address all of these issues here in order to make the writer’s life much easier.


Patrick Carpen

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