How to Describe A Set

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Does this set of fruit grow in your country? How can you describe this set of fruits?

In the study of mathematics, a set refers to a collection of items which share common characteristics.

These items are called “elements” or “members” of the set.

For example, we can describe a set verbally such as:

“Fruit trees which grow in Guyana.”

That’s a huge set!

We can describe this set using a list, also called tabulation. This is done using braces.

Here is an example of the set “Fruit trees which grow in Canada” described using tabulation.

{mango, cherry, pineapple, pear}

We can also represent or describe this set using a loop, as in picture below.

Notice, when we use tabulation to describe sets, we need to separate each item with a comma, BUT when we use a loop to describe the set, we do not need commas.

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