The Story of Creation

The bible teaches us that God created the heavens, the earth and everything in it in the beginning of time. He molded the earth, created the stars and put the entire solar system in motion with the power of His word.

What force did God use to create everything in the universe? God used the power of His holy word to create everything that we have every known or heard of, as well as things we have never known or heard of.

The bible teaches us that the spoken word is very powerful, and warns us that we need to pay special attention to what we say, and what we listen to as well. We are advised to “bridle the tongue” and that we will have to give account for every idle word which comes out of our mouth. In addition, the bible tells us that food alone cannot keep mankind alive but that we need “every word which proceeds from the mouth of God.”

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God said “let there be light”, and all the elements of the universe obeyed God’s command to produce light. God made and¬†formed the earth, created the seas, rivers, mountains, as well as all laws that govern the universe. The last thing that God created were humans. God made humans to live a life of perfect joy and happiness for all eternity.

However, since the beginning of time, there was an evil force which fought against God for control of the world. This evil force wanted death and destruction to come into the world. The evil force is headed by the devil. The devil deceived the first man and woman into sinning against God, so that death, diseases, infirmity and imperfection may enter the world.

Even today the devil continues to wreak¬†havoc in the lives of people. However, God did not sit back and watch. He worked out a marvelous plan to redeem mankind from the claws of sin. He Himself paid the price to redeem mankind and reunite them with Himself. Now, because of God’s free gift, mankind can live forever in paradise in perfect joy for all eternity.

From Bible Stories For All Ages by Patrick Carpen.

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