The Bible – An Introduction

The Bible by Patrick CarpenThe Bible is the most amazing book I’ve ever read. It details the story of life from the beginning to the end.

The Bible contains the story of creation, the state of man, the mind of God and the way to Salvation.

It speaks of a Creator who created humans to enjoy a beautiful life of eternity in a garden of paradise; and, on the other hand, an adversary who seeks to destroy mankind.

The Bible illustrates stories where God looks over his servants and protects them from harm, where He works miracles in the lives of people and makes His power known in many ways.

The Bible tells of a God who steps down to earth to save mankind from sin and destruction: He Himself pays the cost so that humans who believe and obey Him may once again live a life of eternity in Paradise.

The miracles of God are clear and present in our lives once we invite Him into our hearts.

I hope these Bible discussions will inspire in you a love for God and this amazing book, and a seed will be planted in your heart. As Jesus put it “The Kingdom of heaven is as a man who plants a mustard seed, and it grows into a great tree, and the birds nest in its branches.”.

When you put your trust in God, you plant a mustard seed. Through patience and time, your faith will grow until you enter into the kingdom of God, and the same bird that once could have swallowed your faith will now seek refuge in your branches.

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