God’s Love – The Bible’s Central Message

love photoThroughout history, many people have distorted God’s words. People have used God’s word to justify their own evil actions, such as slavery and mistreatment of their fellow humans. People have used God’s words to justify unjust wars and even murders.

As the bible says, these people have their reward. The bible warns us of the dangers of adding to and subtracting from God’s word. But people have been doing this for centuries. Certainly, these people will have to answer to God for their behaviors, not me.

Over the course of several years, something has been bothering my mind, and I have entered into discussion with various religious leaders about it. It is the concept of an eternal hell.

I have a hard time believing that God’s ultimate plan is to punish His creation for an eternity in exchange for a few brief moments of life on earth. Yet, many “religious leaders” are adamant that this is the big picture.

I battled with this for many years, and prayed countless nights about it. Would God reveal the truth as to whether an eternal painful hell is really the reality of the grand design? When you truly come to be Christ filled and experience God’s power, peace and love, you do not want anyone to suffer. You cannot bear the thought.

Sadly, there are many people who call themselves Christians who are inwardly only vessels of wrath.

When Adam sinned in the beginning, the bible tells us that the sin caused him to die and return to the earth. However, the Pilgrims of Plymouth and the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay added that Adam’s sin caused him to die and return to dust and then “enter into eternal damnation.”

There is no scripture to prove that Adam would enter into hell or eternal damnation, yet a complete lack of fear of God caused these people to blatantly add that to the word of God. And thereby, by magnifying and obscuring a few disputable verses, they were able to present an argument for an eternal hell where poor souls are tormented forever at the behest of our Creator. Who shall rise up to the defense of our loving Father?

Of course, His words are clear for all to understand. One day, as I tossed in my bed being tormented by this idea which was indoctrinated into me, I fell asleep, and as I awoke, God spoke to my heart “listen to My words and not the words of man.”

Today, as I was watching a YouTube video on God’s love and man’s hatred, something struck me. It was the bible’s central message, and it contains the very answer to what was bothering my mind.

It was summed up in these beautiful words.

For God so LOVED the WORLD, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall NOT PERISH, but have everlasting life.

What did God love? The world.

What did God do? He loved.

What is God? God is love.

What does the verse speak of? God’s love.

Without God’s love what happens to us? We perish.

What does perish mean? To die.

What did God warn against in the beginning? Death.

What are the wages of sin? Death.

What happens to the dead? They know nothing and are conscious of nothing.

What will God to do sinners? Destroy them.

Most of the time when evil people put forward an argument about an eternal hell for their own deranged motives, they quote very little to no scriptures to back up their arguments, relying only on their own distorted logic.

But their arguments fail even against human logic.

Yes, Jesus did speak of an “eternal fire,” but He didn’t say people would be tormented in there for all eternity.

He said, “it is better to enter into life with one limb less than into the eternal fire with all your members.”

Why? Because God can restore all your members in heaven, but after being destroyed by the eternal fire, you shall not see life.

Further, let’s ask those who argue for an eternal punishment in hell a few questions.

  1. Are people who never heard of Jesus going to heaven or hell?

If they answer “heaven?”

Ask them, then why tell them about Jesus?

If they answer “depends on their actions and conscience.” Then ask them, “then why tell them about Jesus?”

If they answer “hell.” Then ask them “So will God throw people into hell without giving them an opportunity to be redeemed?”

The bible is clear that all humans are destined to death without Christ. But Jesus came that we may have life and life eternal.

Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but through Him.

Accept Jesus into your heart today, and save yourself from “eternal death.”

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