The Word “to” is Always Followed by a Present Tense Verb

Last updated: January 16, 2019 at 5:22 am

Once again, we’ve got fan mail! One of our fans wrote in to ask, which is correct?

A. Long ago, I had helped to bring a child into the world.


B. Long ago, I had helped to brought a child into this world.

Most of us will know the answer to this offhand. And the answer is “to bring.”

Even though the action took place long the in the past, the rule is that the word “to” is always followed by a present tense verb.

Here are some more examples.

  1. I told her to bring her child yesterday.
  2. Yesterday, I went to the shop to buy some groceries.
  3. Last year, we went to Montserrat to see the volcano.
  4. When we were very young, our parents taught us how to read.
  5. As children, we did whatever our parents told us to do.

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