A Day I Will Never Forget: Embarrassing Experience

Last updated: January 5, 2019 at 3:34 am
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As I mentioned before, when writing a short story on the title, “A Day I Will Never Forget,” there are several possible scenarios to choose from, such as:

Sadness, happiness, natural disaster, man made disaster, embarrassing experiences, triumphant experiences and the list goes on.

Here’s an example of how to write a short story on the title, “A Day I Will Never Forget” using the theme “embarrassing experience.”

A Day I Will Never Forget

The alarm clock woke me up suddenly. It was a mistake I had made last night to go partying with my friends. And as I shook the drowsiness off my tired body, I promised never to let my friends stray me like that again.

Can you believe that they gave me so much rum to drink and even marijuana to smoke? And that’s why I couldn’t wake up this morning!

Look at the time! It’s 8:30! And today is the day of my final exams! If I miss this exam, I’ll have to repeat an entire year. No! That can’t happen! I have just 15 minutes, but I’ll make it!

I ran to the kitchen and made a sandwich in a flash. Then I stuffed it down my throat in an instant. I gulped down a glass of juice and then ran to the bathroom. I scrubbed my teeth clean. I glanced at the clock. It read 8:40. I had just minutes before the bell. The shower poured on me as I rubbed the soap hurriedly on my body. After showering, it was 8:43. Just two minutes remaining! I flew out of the door and into the garage. My bag on my back, I mounted my bike and rode like a bat out of hell.

But why was everyone staring at me? Had they never seen anyone in a hurry before? My friends were calling out to me from across the street, but there was no time to answer them. Those idiots!

If I pay attention to them, I will miss my exams! The next minute, I rode into the school compound. It was quiet. No one was outside. Everyone was in the exam room. But I made it by just one minute. The examiners were sharing out papers. I parked my bike and walked in.

“Good morning,” I said, as the room grew deadly silent. The examiners stopped moving. But why was everyone staring at me? Why were those girls covering their mouths…their eyes wide in amazement!

Is this a dream? Am I a ghost?

Suddenly, there was a burst of laughter. Then Rosemary shouted, “Floyd, where is your clothes?!”

I looked down on my naked body.

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