The Donkey

Last updated: December 18, 2017 at 21:44 pm
donkey photo

Humans use donkeys as both beasts of burdens and beloved pets.

The donkey is a beautiful animal of the equidae family. Other members of the equidae family include the horse and the zebra.

The donkey has been used throughout the centuries, perhaps ever since creation, as a beast of burden to carry load and pull carts, and is considered a “domesticated” animal.┬áMany humans also keep donkeys as pets.

The donkey is considered a non-predatory animal, since it does not prey on other animals, but eats grass and other vegetation. Since the donkey eats only plants, it is also considered a “herbivore.” The donkey may therefore be considered a “non-predatory herbivore.”

It is written that Jesus Christ rode on a donkey to Jerusalem during biblical days.

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