The Dog

Last updated: December 16, 2017 at 15:32 pm
dog photo

How cute and adorable is this dog?

The dog is a wonderful animal which is also come to be known as “man’s best friend.” That is because mankind has adopted the dog as a favorite among pets. The dog, consequently, has become the most popular pet among humans.

There are several theories as to why the dog is the most popular and loved animal among humans. One of these is the dog’s tendency to become loyal to its owner. There have been countless stories of dogs saving their masters’ lives, or even sacrificing their own lives to save their masters’ or their children.

Then there’s the fact that dogs are fluffy, cute and adorable creatures to play with.

Nevertheless, the term “dog,” has been used in a very paradoxical way to describe or insult people. Although the dog has been come to be known as “man’s best friend,” the word “dog,” has been used as a derogatory expression to insult people, implying that the person is of low social standing, ungrateful, evil, etc.

The dog belongs the “canine” family of animals, just as the cat belongs to feline family. Other members of the canine family include the Red Fox, the Artic Wolf, the Cayote, the Jackal and the Dingo. There are many species of dog alive today.

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