Sacred And Feared

This article was last updated on the 14th of September, 2015 by Patrick Carpen.

The bible is a book that is loved, feared, cherished and criticized. But it remains above all things, holy and true.

Not too long ago, I read a news article about a young woman in Pakistan. She was a Christian who read the bible frequently. She was ordered by Muslim authorities to desist from this practice or face punishment. The young woman refused to stop reading the bible. She was arrested and charged. A sentence of 200 lashes across her back was handed down to her. After the beating, the woman’s back was “raw”, her fleshed peeled off.

Why such severe punishment for reading a simple book? Because it’s not a simple book. In fact, the bible is the most powerful book in the whole world. It’s God’s gift to us. It is God talking to us. The devil does not appreciate it when God talks to His children. The devil wished we would never hear God.

How many bibles are lying in the free world around you? Get a grip of the Holy Bible. Savor the wonders of its precious contents. It states the fact just as they happened, without compromise or trying to hide or withhold anything.

Many atheists claim that the bible is nothing more than a book of fairy tales. But no book of fairy tales has been banned in 200 countries. The bible has been.

The bible shines light into the darkness area of life and offers the hope of Jesus Christ.

Many people claim they believe in the bible, but only parts of it. They claim that the bible is a book with “many good lessons and philosophies.” So why do some authorities punish people for reading the bible? Are they are afraid that, deep within its sacred contents, the readers will discover the truth?

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