Lily Cream – Silky Hydrating Body Deodorant

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Lily Cream (or Portuguese Lily Creme) by Boticario Products is one of the world’s most loved, sought-after and treasured skin care or body care products.

Lily Cream – Silky Hydrating Body Deodorant is a product of Brazilian cosmetics giant Boticario, and is one of Brazil’s highest rated, most loved and most sought-after body creams.

Packaged in a beautiful, 250g gold-covered jar, Lily Cream is also treasured around the world by all those who have to be experience its usefulness, fragrance and potency.

Lily Cream –  Intense hydration

Lily Silky Body Moisturizing Cream has in its composition shea butter, which is recognized for its natural emollient properties, which are rapidly absorbed and promote intense hydration. Thus, your skin is soft and with a delicious satin touch.

Lily Cream – Extra protection for your skin

Lily Moisturizing Cream has a unique texture that protects your skin with a protective film, which, in addition to promoting intense hydration, also helps prevent skin dryness caused by the sun and the cold, dry climate.

Lily Cream – Delightfully perfumes the skin

In addition to its satin texture and a velvety touch, it will wrap you all day in Lily’s striking and sophisticated fragrance. The Moisturizing Cream will still provide all the care and gentle touches that your skin deserves.

Lily Cream – How to use

Apply on entire body after bath or whenever you wish, spreading with gentle movements.

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