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This page has been migrated to: www.brazilianproductsgy.com

Welcome to Brazilian Products for the World Market by Patrick Carpen. Here you’ll find a wide range of high quality Brazilian products ready to ship to Georgetown, Guyana, Trinidad, Jamaica, the United States, Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom and anywhere else you may think about.

This website has been migrated to: www.brazilianproductsgy.com

Whether you’d like to order one box or one container load, we’re here to supply your every need. So, without further do, feel free to browse through our list of featured Brazilian Products on this page. You can also check the “Pages Menu” on the right hand side of this page for even more products. Look to the left hand side of the page for products related to the one you’re viewing.

This website has been migrated to: www.brazilianproductsgy.com

Be sure to talk to us about products you don’t see on this page. And finally, be sure to join our mailing list. It’s that handy form on your right hand. By signing up to our mailing list, you will be the first to get notified whenever we’re promoting a new product, whenever we have special discounts, free offers, limited time offers, deals, special offers and much more. So stay updated!

This website has been migrated to: www.brazilianproductsgy.com

Brazilian Perfumes. Did you know that Brazil produces some of the world’s best perfumes? And here’s your chance to get your hands on some of them. Learn more.

Brinort Clothes Softener – Brinort Clothes Softener is the clothes softener like no other. And it goes light on your pockets too.

Corps Ligea Refreshing Massage Gel. This massage gel burns out tummy fat, leaves your with a refreshing feeling and most of all, a flat stomach. Learn more…

Brazil Nuts – Castanha do Para, is a favorite nut around the world. Now’s your chance to get your fair share.

Diamond Energy Drink – This is an energy drink that is made of a blend of 15 fruits. This isn’t your average energy drink! It’s taurine based but it’s the most natural and richest blend of energy drinks on the market. Learn more.

Pure Grape Juice – Now we’ve got your covered with 100% pure grape juice in a handy 500 ml bottle. Learn more.

HND Nutrition Shake – The HND Nutrition Shake is a nutrition product from Hinode Products. It’s pack with vitamins and minerals and high quality protein. Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, follow the instructions on the container and you’re halfway there.

Argan Oil – Origem – Origem is one of Brazil’s most famous cosmetics company. And they just released “Argan Oil” for your hair. Lean more.

Hino’s Holy Oil for Hair Loss – Are you losing your hair? Stop it right now…with Hino’s Holy Oil for Hair Loss from Hinode Products. Learn more.

Seda’s Shampoo’s Conditioners and Hair Creams is a brand that is recognized the world over.

Hydratta – Aloe Vera Soap – Will keep your skin feeling fresh, hydrated and refreshed. Learn more.

Joli Perfumed Oils and Creams – If you like your skin, you’ll love Joli Perfumed Oils and Creams. Available in a variety of fragrances and flavors, these oils will leave you feeling blessed.

Lily Cream – The Lily Cream from Boticario Products is one of the world’s most famous and treasured skin creams. Learn more.

PitBull Jeans – 100% Original from Brazil. Get it now.

This website has been migrated to: www.brazilianproductsgy.com

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