EKOS Deodorant Colognes – For Women

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Do you know about the Ekos line of perfumes for women by Natural Products Brazil? It’s one of the lower priced linee of colognes but it brings the magic of the rainforests to you. Ekos comes in a variety of flavors such as Ekos Maracuja, Ekos Castanha, Ekos Cumaru, Ekos Acai, Ekos Pitanga, and a few others.

Each one of the Ekos fragrances has its own unique smell.

The Ekos line contains not just perfumes but perfumed soaps. The soaps often come in boxes of 5 bars – each bar of 90g each. And when you bathe with an Ekos soap, you can touch, smell, and feel the difference.

The Ekos perfumed soaps from the Ekos line of Brazilian products from Natura Products Brazil is not your average 90g bathing soap. It goes the extra ten miles to put a radiance, freshness and lasting perfume on your skin.

Feel the confidence of bathing with the Ekos soap

The big question is: do people prefer the Ekos line of perfumes to its more expensive counterparts such as Kaiak and Luna? Well, Ekos may be cheaper, and that obviously spells a slighter lesser quality – sort of. The Luna and Kaiak, for example, are more expensive perhaps because more ingredients and effort had been put into them, but that doesn’t mean the Ekos is “cheap.” To the contrary, we can say the the Ekos is priceless, yet afordable.

In fact, I’ll tell you a little story about how I learned about the Ekos line of perfumes and perfumed products from Natura Products, Brazil. That time, I was marketing Brazilian colognes in Lethem, Region 9, Guyana. I was showing some my products to Ms. Desiree Hamilton of the Takutu Hotel. Ms. Desiree then asked if if I had the Ekos Maracuja. She said she was absolutely in love with that fragrance. She brought the magazine and showed it to me.

So I ordered the Ekos Maracuja perfume for Ms. Desiree, and she was, once again, very satisfied – it was one of her favorite fragrances from Natura Products Brazil. And that is how I became aware of the Ekos line of fragrances from Natura Products Brazil. Before that, I had seen it in the catalog but never paid much attention to it. But from that day, I paid more attention to the Ekos line of products from Natura Products Brazil, and started to market it more aggressively.

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