Beauty and the Beast

beast photoThere are many variations to the original classic fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” by French author, “Marie Le Prince de Beaumont.”

The story encapsulates many human desires: virtue, unconditional love, happiness and the triumph of good over evil.

This timeless fairy tale, which has touched the hearts and minds of countless generations of children, depicts the inward struggle of young woman captured by a “beast.”

A long time ago, there lived a rich merchant who had three daughters. The youngest was the most beautiful. In fact, she was so beautiful that everyone called her “Beauty.” This made her two sisters jealous, and they wished in their hearts to be rid of her.

One day, the merchant went on a long journey. Before he left, he hugged his daughters and asked them what they would like him to bring back for them. The two older sisters asked for expensive gifts.

But when the merchant turned to Beauty, she said, “Dad, the only thing I desire is your safe return. If you can, bring me a back a rose, dear father.”

On his way back, there was heavy rain, lightning and thunder which caused the merchant to get lost in the forest. He walked for miles and soon spotted a light in the distance. He approached it and saw that it was a splendid palace. The merchant called at the gate, but no one answered. He saw the door open so he walked in.

He saw a table set for one person with food and wine. Being famished, the merchant eat the food and drank the wine. He felt completely refreshed. He got up and walked around. He saw a door open which led down a hallway. Then he saw a bedroom open with a beautifully laid bed, clean towel and soap.

The merchant took a shower and then he lay down on the bed and fell fast asleep.

The next morning, he was surprised to find breakfast on the table. The merchant could not figure who was availing him all this kindness. However, he ate the breakfast and proceeded to head home.


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