Little Red Riding Hood

hood photoLittle Red Riding Hood is a classic tale by the Grimm Brothers which highlights the importance of kids being wary of strangers. As the saying goes, “don’t talk to strangers,” or “don’t take anything from people you don’t know.”

Once upon a time, there was a girl so sweet and charming that everyone liked her. Her grandmother, then, adored her, and did not know what more of gift she could give the child to please her. One day she presented her with a red velvet hat.
The little hat so pleased the girl and looked so good on her that she wanted to wear it all the time. Because of this, she became known as Little Red Riding Hood.

One day her Mother called her and said:

“Little Red Riding Hood, take this piece of cake and this bottle of wine for your grandmother. She’s sick and weak, and this is going to make her better. Behave on the way, and by no means get off the road, or you may fall and break the bottle of wine and it is very important for your grandmother’s recovery.

Little Red Riding Hood promised that she would obey her mother and took the basket with the cake and wine, said goodbye and left.
Her grandmother lived in the middle of the forest, an hour and a half from the village.
As soon as the little one entered the forest, a wolf appeared in front of her.
Because she did not know him or knew that he was a wicket creature, she did not feel any fear.

“Good morning, Little One,” said the Wolf.

“Good morning, Wolf,” she replied.

“Where are you going so early, Little Red Riding Hood?”

“I’m going to my grandmother’s house.”

“And what are you carrying in that basket?”

“My grandmother is very sick and weak, and I’m bringing her a piece of cake that Momma made yesterday, and a bottle of wine. This will make her strong and healthy.”

“Little Hood, tell me, where does your grandmother live?”

“About fifteen minutes from here. Her house sits beneath three large oaks and is surrounded by a hedge of hazelnuts. You must know the house.”

The Wolf thought to himself, “This tender girl is a delicious snack. If I act fast, I can eat her grandmother and take her as dessert.”

Then the Wolf said:

“Listen to me, Little Red Riding Hood, have you seen the beautiful flowers in this forest? Why do not you take a look? Are not you listening to the birds singing? You are very serious, just looking to walk forward. See how much beauty there is in the forest.

Little Red Riding Hood then looked around, and saw the sunlight shining through the trees, and saw the floor covered with beautiful, colorful flowers, and thought, “If I get a bouquet of flowers for my grandmother, she’ll be very happy, and as it’s early, I will not be late. ”
And out of the way she went – into the woods. And whenever she picked up a flower, she saw a more beautiful one, and went after it. So she went into the woods more and more.
Meanwhile, Wolf ran to Grandma’s house and knocked on the door.

– Who’s there? asked the old lady.

“It’s me, Little Red Riding Hood,” Wolf said, disguising his voice. “I came to bring a piece of cake and a bottle of wine. Open the door for me.”

“Lift the lock, it’s open. I can not get up, for I am very weak.” replied Grandma.

Wolf entered the house and went straight to Grandma’s bed, and swallowed her before she could see him. Then he put on the old woman’s clothes, put her cap on his head, closed the curtains on the bed, lay down and waited for Little Red Riding Hood.
Little Red Riding Hood continued to picked flowers in the woods. And it was only when she could carry no more that he returned to the path of her grandmother’s house.
When she got there, to her surprise, she found the door open.

She walked to the living room, and it all seemed so strange that she thought, “Oh my God, why am I so scared? I usually feel so good in Grandma’s house …”
Then she went to her grandmother’s bed and opened the curtains. Grandma was lying there with her bonnet covering part of her face, and, it seemed very strange …

“Oh, Grandma, what big ears you have!” said Little Red Riding Hood.

– All the better to hear you my dear…

“Oh, Grandmother, what big eyes you have!”

– All the better to see you my dear…

“Oh, Grandmother, what big hands you have!”

“All the better to hold you my dear…”

“Oh, Grandmother, what big teeth you have!”

“All the better to eat you my dear,” and as he said this, the wolf jumped on the defenseless girl, and swallowed her in a single gulp.

After he filled his belly, he went back to bed, lay down, slept, and began to snore loudly. A hunter who was passing by listened and thought it strange that an old woman was snoring so loudly, so he decided to look around.
He entered the house, and saw lying in bed the Wolf he had been seeking for a long time.
And the hunter thought, “He must have eaten the old lady, but maybe she can still be saved. I can not shoot him.”
Then he took a pair of scissors and opened the wolf’s belly.
When he began to cut, he saw a red little hood appear. He cut more, and the girl jumped out exclaiming:

– I was very scared! Inside the belly of the wolf is very dark!

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